Agence designContext is a think-and-do
systemic design firm, 
focusing on regenerative innovation
in the blue and circular economy.


As our work is systemic, we work with private,
public, individuals, and groups.



Projects can be at three main scales:

At the scale of a single enterprise (i.e., one company or farm),
and looking at one product or a portfolio of products and systems;

At the scale of a small group of enterprises (small cluster),
which are interested in co-developing a portfolio of activities;

And at the scale of a region - which can be determined
by political or natural boundaries



The aim is to help these different groups integrate

circularity and develop innovative activities that boost

their bottom line, whilst bolstering the local economy,

community, and natural ecosystems.



Below is some work, based on 'What we think we know'

This is ongoing research, through study and from experiences, that is helping to form a general overview that can be used as a basis for debate, and project development.

 Below is our 'Multi-Loop Method'. This is an overall method for project management. Different tools or processes are used for each stage, depending on the type and scale of project.