Inspired by the blue economy, the circular economy, and regenerative agriculture,

designContext works with individuals or groups, to support them in their development of

local and regenerative, production, products, and services.

Agence designContext searches for inspiration from nature, and to work with natural systems.

This requires a fundamental literacy of the foundational branches of science:


natural sciences, social sciences, formal sciences… with the integration of the

pedagogic taxonomy of the five kingdoms of life.

Agence designContext offers a range of services:


awareness & research: short-courses, presentations, and research studies;

baseline analysis & strategy: analysis, conceptualisation, and capacity building;

design & implementation: systemic-design, and innovative value-chain design;

methodology & evaluation: project management, team development, and KPIs.

In nature there are three kinds of living systems:


parts of organismssuch as leaves or stems;

organismssuch as plants;

communities of organisms: such as forests.


Inspired by embedded systems (holons) in nature, designContext works

at these three levels of abstraction:

All we do, and all we are, can be viewed through systems thinking, including:


relationships: qualities, forces, and interactions;

feedback loops: cyclical dynamics, emergent properties of the whole, and chaos;

flows: inputs and outputs of bounded systems;

nodes: where flows intersect, and can be transformed.


Inspired by living-systems, designContext integrates

systems thinking into the process of design:

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