Agence designContext offers different groups a range of services:


education & research: providing courses, and research reports,

production & services: providing systemic-design and coaching, for industry and agriculture,

agencies & groups: supporting strategies for capacity building.


Inspired by the blue economy, the circular economy, and regenerative agriculture,

designContext works with individuals or groups, to support them in their development of

local regenerative production, products, and services:

In nature there are three kinds of living systems:


parts of organismssuch as leaves or stems,

organismssuch as plants, and

communities of organisms: such as forests.


Inspired by embedded systems in nature, designContext works at these

three levels in production, product, and service design:

All we do, and all we are, can be viewed through systems thinking:


relationships: qualities, forces, and interactions,

feedback loops: cyclical dynamics, emergent properties of the whole, and chaos,

flows: inputs and outputs of bounded systems.

nodes: where the flows of materials, energy and information intersect. 


Inspired by systems-dynamics, designContext uses systems thinking

in production, product and service design:

Earth, and life on Earth is a regenerative system:


energy & matter: Earth is an open system to energy, but a closed system to matter,

evolution & adaption: Life, symbiotically innovates within the rules of physics, chemistry, and ecology,

cycles & autopoiesis: Life is cyclical and dynamic, self-organising and diverse.


Inspired by Nature, designContext works with these

three principles in production, product, and service design:

Their are four main ways of knowing:


sensing - our sensory experiences,

thinking, such as interpreting and logic,

intuition, such as raw insight, and deeper meaning, and

feeling, such as emotions, evaluation, and ethics.


Inspired by Carl G. Jung, designContext helps develop these

four axis, within a systems based project method:

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