Below is an overview of professional work, education and short-courses.


Professional Experiences

Founded this consultancy in the French Basque Country in 2015.

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This course has been developed and is given by Dr. Elaine Ingham. After discovering the Soil Food Web Approach (Nature’s Soil Operating System) nearly four decades ago and pioneering research in the field, Dr. Elaine Ingham is recognized as the foremost soil biologist in the world.

The Soil Food Web Foundation Course | January 2016 to December 2018 (Part-time)

Grade: Distinction (above 90% overall)


Short Courses

This agroecology course was based on developing agroforestry and cover-crop systems in vineyards.

Gers | France | 2018

Teachers were: Alain Canet is a leading French agronomist and agroforester. He is director of Abre et Paysage 32 in Gers, he is also very active in the French Agroforestry Association and the European Agroforestry Federation. And Konrad Schreiber is a leading agronomist engineer, with expertise in soil conservation. He is founder of La Vache Heureuse (Happy Cows), La Belle Vigne (Beautiful Vines), and trainer with the Institut de l’Agriculture de Durable (IAD) and the Programme AGR’EAU.