Below are some examples of the projects that designContext has supported,
at the three different scales.

Projects supporting Entrepreneurs:

designContext formed a small network of international designers, innovators and artists, to support the CEO in his initial go-to-market strategy, and a first range of initial concept product designs. This French green-tech start-up, is now in the mature stages of ramping up development of printable, flexible and lightweight organic photovoltaic cells.

Find out more about dracula technologies here.

Projects supporting Production:

designContext has supported DYCLE Diaper Cycle Team, through various stages in their development process. The work included:

  • a synthesis of their ‘state-of-the-art,’ that could be shared with all stakeholders;
  • a research study into the available technologies for the fabrication of the diaper insert outer-lining;
  • research into existing and potential bio-based materials for the diaper insert main absorber;
  • supporting prototyping projects, research, and co-producing a ‘hackathon‘ in Berlin;
  • supporting Dycle in Paris within the FAMAE investment competition;
  • visual explanations of some of the chemistry involved in absorption, in simple to understand ways.
Supporting Dycle in Paris during the FAMAE investment competition


To find out more about the great work of Dycle go here, or follow them on Facebook.

Projects supporting Regions:

designContext supported FARNET (European Fisheries Areas Network), in their European
Closing the Loop – the circular economy in fisheries and aquaculture‘ transnational 3 day seminar event, and publication.

The work included developing and giving a presentation on the potential of sharing and re-use models in fisheries, round-table discussions, group workshop support, and supporting the writing and images in the seminar magazine guide. Presentations were given in English, with French and Spanish in discussion groups.

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