'Systems' is a collection of studies into energy and material flows,

and organisation and structure within the natural world,

and the main activities developed by humanity to produce goods and services.


This work is a continuous investigation into some of the

fundamental elements (a literacy) that underlies

the circular economy, the blue economy, and regenerative agriculture.





The force that forms the planets,
our solar system,
and the universe.




The Sun

The predominant power
source for life on Earth.





Earth's 'force-field' against
solar winds and storms.




Earth's Atmosphere

Earth's energy filter
(in and out).



Nature's Value Chain

Where plants transforms the
energy from the Sun into
the energy for all life.

Coming Soon.




Humanities manipulation of
Nature's Value Chain,
to produce more food and fibres,
around specific needs.

Coming Soon.




Linear Value Chain

Extract, Make, Use,
and Waste - the existing
predominant paradigm.




Revalue Chain

The existing paradigm
in transition -
bending the linear into loops.




Holistic Value Networks

Looking at the next paradigm.

Coming Soon.