The future, they kept telling us, is 3D. Well, maybe they were right - this is 3D, as in multi-dimensions - depth and breadth, that includes all the details of life in full wide-screen and technicolour. Thanks to having two eyes, set apart a certain distance, which are hard-wired to our brains, most of us are able to see depth (so we don't fall down - too many - holes), and colour, and at the same time focus on the details - thanks to the cones and rods in our retina.

3D Value Networks describes a new way to look at how we develop and provide products and services in our economy. It starts to map, design, and frame how we provide for our needs, whilst considering the context from multiple dimensions.

So, do we need fancy glasses for this 3D - augmented - value network? Well, seeing - the sensing part, is only part of the process of seeing - the other important part is how we process that information (via intuition, thinking, and feeling). In fact, much of the richness, and the problems, that we constantly create between each other (and to own ourselves), can be, in many ways, down to the differences in the processing: and so, some kind of metaphorical glasses can help us with this... Much of this website is about Awareness, which is a form of glasses - helping us see the world around us in different ways; and so are images and maps.