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Systems Designer | June 2015 - 
Present day
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Currently mixing research in the circular economy, blue economy, political economy and regenerative agriculture, with prototype projects integrating these over-lapping fields, and working with H-enea in the Basque Country, and to develop and promote remanufacturing in France and the Basque Country Spain.

Innovation projects include:

Concepts for the initial market offer, and technical customer relationship for Dracula Technologies in France, a printed solar-panels start-up.
Co-development with H-Enea of an 'Awareness' conference, based around Remanufacturing. Since this work, in 2015, Remanufacturing has been stated as the clear strategy for development in the Circular Economy in the Basque Region. See the framework of the presentation here.
Work as an advisor for a research-to-implemenation project with a group of collaborating members of Acede a home products cluster. The project involved studying different co-diversification strategies, developed around local waste streams, mainly in the recapture of 'wasted' end-of-usefulness large electronic domestic goods, and the potential refurbishment and reconditioning of these goods; including product potential selection, collection strategies, quality control, inventory development, and (re)sales research.
Work as an adviser on a cluster development strategy for a remanufacturing cluster lead in Spain.

Innovation Concept Manager (Sustainability) | April 2010 - May 2014 | Bilbao Area, Spain
Fagor Electrodomésticos S.Coop.

Developed a range of new product-service-system (PSS) strategies for the company's Washing Businesses.

Concepts finally converged into a project based on Remanufacturing and the Circular Economy (see the video below for an example Circular Economy style business by Renault). This project further evolved to focus on other white-good-products, which led to a European project (October 2013), involving an international network partnership to develop a pilot project in Paris, France. The EU application was successful.

Also involved in the support for a spin-out business based around health services, and the development of an open innovation living-lab based in the Basque Country (the result of which is H-enea).

Innovation Concept Manager (IoE) | April 2010 - Sept' 2013 | Lyon, France & Bilbao Area, Spain
Fagor Electrodomésticos S. Coop.

Work focused on developing a new portfolio, around the ‘internet-of-everything/things’ (IoE/T), for the cooking business unit. The objective was to diversify the company beyond pure product manufacture; and facilitate a shift from a production focused company, to one focused on the user and customer experiences.

The divergent stage of the project involved research of the food chain and habits in France and Spain, in terms of products, services and systems (PSS). This formed an understanding of the context in which the company acted, and the company’s place within this context. The research work included conferences, anthropological user field studies and interviews (with in-house and external anthropologists), extensive literature reviews, development of the digital scope (with e-business expertise), and rough prototyping with users.

The convergent stage of the project focused on developing and prototyping a complete, first stage, IoE offer. This involved external experts from the social sciences, App developers and UX designers, product designers, world class chefs, and in-house marketing.

The project concluded with an attempt to build a consortium spin-out (between the parent company and two other organizations), based around a new team and structure.


Innovation Concept Manager (New Business) | December 2008 - April 2010 | Lyon, France
FagorBrandt SAS

Developed two research projects: one focusing on the cooking business units, and the second focusing on the clothes washing business unit. The objective was to form new business strategies.

Included: state-of-the-art literature research and manufacturing site visits, conferences, training courses, internal interviews and presentations, development of an internal research wiki prototype, and two business strategies.

One innovation axis per business unit group was identified by upper management for further development.


Innovation Concept Manager (Spoutnik) | July 2006 - December 2008 | Lyon, France
FagorBrandt SAS

Co-lead this product innovation project from conception to final production. Developed a new microwave platform and innovation process, with the objective to invigorate local production, international sales, and the brand; and to develop innovation projects in new ways.

1st role was to manage the development of the concept, which included focusing the project direction, communicating to key internal decision makers, developing a holistic consumer experience (from packaging, web UX, and after-sales services for example), to industrial design tasks. 

2nd role was to build and manage the multi-disciplinary internal and external concept team, budgeting and timing. The team included: consumer specialists; product, packaging, graphic and web UX designers; UI ergonomist; pricing expertise (ESCP Europe); and engineering.

Prizes: Institute Français du Design 2011 | Grand Prix de l’innovation 2011 | Observeur du Design 13


Innovation Project Manager | March 2004 - July 2006 | Lyon, France
ElcoBrandt SAS

[one_half]Managed and provided support for these functional & technical innovations, which were successfully integrated into existing product platforms (for different business groups and brands).

This included project management, finding and working with external expertise, user research, concept development, interface design (soultank), technical & visual prototyping (megaled, P.O.L , origin), industrialisation support, and internal communication.


Industrial Design Consultant | June 2003 - December 2003 | Cambridge, U.K.
Origin Product Design

Part of this design engineering company, responsible for the industrial design of a number of pharmaceutical delivery devices for GlaxoSmithKline, CSR Bluetooth development products, and toys for an independent developer.

Design Concept Consultant | June 2002 - May 2003 | Herzogenaurach, Germany and U.K.

adidas-Salomon AG

An external member of the adidas innovation team (a.i.t.) apparel group. 50% of the time was spent working autonomously to create concepts around given themes. The remaining time was spent developing concepts and visual tools for communicating concepts to in-line development groups, and working with thermo-physiology scientists in the UK on ClimaCool products.


Junior Industrial Designer - Internship | August 2001 - February 2002 | Herzogenaurach, Germany
adidas-Salomon AG

Worked within this international, marketing lead company, as part of the multi-national, adidas innovation team (a.i.t.) football accessories and apparel groups. Responsible for the development of concepts including apparel for Athens 2004; concepts were prototyped in-house and in Asia. Was based in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

Junior Industrial Designer - Internship | August 1999 - June 2000 | Headquarters, Rocester, U.K.

J C Bamford Excavators Ltd

Part of the industrial design department responsible for the external styling, and internal cab design and ergonomics for all new product concepts. Gained valuable experience working in a manufacturing environment, whilst working with internal R&D engineers and model makers, and external engineering contractors.


Higher Education

University of PécsLSEBlekingeOULoughboroughNUCA

University of Pécs
Faculty of Business and Economics
Blue Economy Summer School July 2015

An intensive summer school, based in Pécs, Hungary, provided substantial knowledge from global experts, on the methodology and principles of Blue Economy; social entrepreneurship; system thinking; system design; regional development and sustainable technology.

University of Pécs Blue Economy Summer School

Grade:  Blue Economy Expert Certificate 6 ECTS credit points

London School of Economics (LSE)
EC101 Microeconomics | July 28 2014 - August 15 2014

Introduction to Microeconomic (neoclassical) theory, with a main focus on the development of an economic intuition supported by tools.  Covering Consumer Behaviour, Theory of the Firm, Competitive Market Equilibrium, Monopoly, Factor Markets, General Equilibrium Theory, and Welfare Economics. Grade: Pass OveralLSE-Elephant-2014-1024x768

Blekinge Institute of Technology

M12407 Intro' to Strategic Sustainable Development | Autumn 2011

An international (20+ countries) distance learning, master-level course in sustainability.  Work included individual and group web presentations and projects, webinars, and an exam.  Covering the core concepts in Strategic Sustainable Development (SSD), including the TNS Sustainability PrinciplesBackcasting from Sustainability PrinciplesFSSD, and an analysis of a company through the SSD lens.

Grade: 85% Overall passed with distinction (Swedish System) 7.5 ECTS Credit’s

Open University (OU)

MST121 Using Mathematics | January 2006 - October 2006

Distance learning University Foundation Course in Mathematics.  Covering fundamental mathematic techniques inc. recurrence relations, matrices and vectors, calculus and statistics.

Grade: 65% Overall

Loughborough University
BA (hons) Industrial Design and Technology | Sept' 1997 - June 2001

Industrial Design Course, mixing Engineering including Material Science, Electronics, Mechanics and CAD/CAM, with branches of Business and Social Sciences, Marketing and Ergonomics, and Physical Modelling and Rendering.  Major project was a fully operational, emergency inflatable one-person shelter for mountain emergencies.

Grade: First Class Hons


Norwich School of Art (NUCA)
BTEC Diploma Foundation in Art & Design | Sept' 1996 - June 1997

One year multi-disciplinary foundation course, including Painting, Sculpture, Fashion, Photography, Product Design, Graphic Design, Art History, and Film. Specialising in Product Design.

Grade: Merit

Short Courses

REXECISchumacherEkoFungiRucher EcoleIBBKWhitefield AssoHUJEMFPorrittDMI

Darren J. Doherty | Regarians Asso Permaterra Perpignan France
Regarians 'REX 2016' | 15-24 October 2016 

"Based on Keyline Design, the REX course is focused at accelerating the development of regenerative land management. The REX convention is run over 10 intensive days (no day off!), and is based on a real farm with real hosts taking real risks and looking for a real future."


A small group of us also made a short video, aimed at the farm family, in an attempt to communicate the wonder of the place, during this time of heritage transition, and instability.

Elaine R. Ingham, PhD Environment Celebration Institute and Soil Foodweb Inc. USA
The Life in the Soil Class | Final Exam, October 5th, 2016

"Our soil teams with a multitude of organisms which provide the necessary work for healthy plants to grow free from disease, pests, and infertility. These interconnected interactions and feeding relationships (quite literally “who eat who”) help determine the types of nutrients present in soil, its depth, and pH, and even the types of plants which can grow."

The Life in the Soil Class

Grade: Distinction

Elaine R. Ingham, PhD Environment Celebration Institute and Soil Foodweb Inc. USA
The Compost Class | Final Exam, April 15th, 2017

"Learn how to manage making compost so turning (thermal piles) is minimized, worm-compost bins don't grow flies and annoying pests, and you can always end up with the exact biology your desired plants need to thrive."

The Compost Class

Grade: Distinction

Elaine R. Ingham, PhD | Environment Celebration Institute and Soil Foodweb Inc. | USA
The Compost Tea Class | Final Exam, October 13th, 2017

" to make Aerobic Compost Tea and Extracts and reduce costs by removing toxic inorganic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Set up the conditions that allow no foothold for diseases-causing fungi, bacteria or pests to establish. Tailor the soil to support the growth of the plants you want, not the weeds."

The Compost Tea Class

Grade: Distinction

Environment Celebration Institute

John Thackara & Regenisis Schumacher College Devon UK
Bioregionalism by Design 25 April to 6 May 2016

"On this course we will investigate how we can work together to uncover the stories that reveal who a place is and what it could become. You will meet hydrologists, ecologists, farmers, entrepreneurs, craftspeople, growers, historians and activists who will help us reveal the many-sided life of a place and its potential. Only by coming to care for a place, can we transform it for good. Together we will learn to track the patterns in the landscape that show us the path to regeneration."

Schumacher College

Invanka Milenkovic  System Ekofungi School  Serbia
Fungi Production Course | 24-29 February 2016

"Together with sustainability visionary Gunter Pauli, EkofungiSchool's Ivanka and Milan completed a variety of integrated mushroom-from-waste projects across four continents. Mushroom farming businesses were established to recycle brewing residues, apple branches, water hyacinth biomass, salt cedar biomass, pineapple residues, banana leaves, and weeds biomass." This intensive course, covered the lessons learnt, and the essentials for creating a business around these type of resources.

EkoFungi School

Olivier Duprez Rucher École Villa le Bosquet | Paris
Diplôme d'Instruction Apicole 13 February 2016

Training in the Anatomy and life of Bees, and the design and use of the Warré Hive.

Rucher Ecole Villa le Bosquet

IBBK Fachgruppe Biogas GmbH  | Internationales Biogas & Bionenergie Kompetenzzentrum
UK Biogas Operating & Engineering Course  | St Ives Cambridge | January 25-29 2016

"Our training courses provide profound basic knowledge about the biological process of biogas formation, the principles of designing biogas plants, applied technology and safety aspects."


Caroline Aitkin | Patrick Whitefield Associates Dartmoor, UK
The Land Course Online - PDC January 2016 - Ongoing

The first part of the course is split into four modules: The Soil, Ecology, Organic Horticulture, and Sustainable Forestry; and the second part has one module: The Permaculture Design Course. The online Permaculture Design Course [PDC] is certified by the Permaculture Association of Britain. This is a qualification recognised by the permaculture community internationally.

Patrick Whitefield Associates


Dr. Yuval Noah Harari | Hebrew University of Jerusalem | Coursera
A Brief History of HumanKind | 20 weeks ending in January 2015

"This course will explain how we humans have conquered planet Earth, and how we have changed our environment, our societies, and our own bodies and minds. The aim of the course is to give students a brief but complete overview of history, from the Stone Age to the age of capitalism and genetic engineering. The course invites us to question the basic narratives of our world. Its conclusions are enlightening and at times provocative." Source: Coursera Course Description."

A Brief History of Everything

Grade: 93%


Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Exploring a Circular Economy MOOC | 10 June - 5 July 2013

The course provided an initial introduction to a framework for designing an economy that is regenerative by design.  The course was also a pilot.[/two_third]

forum-for-the-futurr-logo-e1427984852260Forum For the Future
Sustainability Masterclass with Sir Jonathon Porritt | Summer 2010

The Masterclass was designed for leaders and senior managers from all sectors and functions, and focused on their role in mainstreaming sustainable development within an organisation.[/two_third]


DMI Professional Development Program
Service Design: Key Methods and Strategies | 2009

Short introductory course, managed by the Design Management Institute (DMI) and Engine Service Design.[/two_third]